Thursday, September 10, 2009

egg-cellent cake!

so our friend, jarratt, came for dinner last night and we decided we would make pineapple upside down cake. allie always loves to help and when the boys are preoccupied i don't mind her assistance because i'm not in such a hurry. i gave her all the ingredients and let her pour it in the bowl and stir it. she also placed the pineapples and cherries in the pan. basically, she did IT ALL!
well, let me proclaim a small warning... either have your child use the mixer or stir vigorously after they have completed their creation because we got a little surprise... scrambled egg on the bottom of our cake! YIKES!
i tried to serve pieces with no egg, but the guys couldn't help themselves with the jokes..
"egg-cellent cake"
"pineapple egg-side-down cake"
"yoke can make this for me anytime"

poor allie... she was still proud, but did say sorry with a little giggle!


  1. Oh, so FUN - I can hear the laughter around the table. Allie can cook for me anytime!

  2. WOW.......that is EGGactly the kind of cake I LOVE.....this is the cutest "Allie" story so far. I'm so proud of her! EGGselant job, Allie!

  3. That's hilarious! You guys are so cute!


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