Thursday, September 3, 2009

family pictures

while we were in bartlesville, our sweet friend esther shigley so graciously took our family pictures!
you may not believe it but these pics were taken just two hours after caleb had his temporary cast put on... he didn't even have a nap!
these are lance's parents!
the gangs all here!
this is lance's brother's family. hannah, mason, and kent!
esther managed to get a great pic of lance with each of the kids. we are going to frame them for his office!


  1. these pictures are so beautiful! Wow, what a gorgeous family you two have! I love these pics...
    How are the Shigley's? Did you get any pics of them?

  2. i didn't get any pics, but they are doing well! you wouldn't believe how old the kids are... trey is driving!

  3. these are great! can you believe you're a family of 5!!! i can't ;-) xoxo

  4. Such great pics! Your family photo is adorable!


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