Thursday, August 27, 2009

our million dollar kid!

quite literally... he has had open heart surgery and broken a bone before the age of three!
i finally have time to tell the whole story! last saturday we were suppose to be getting karen (lance's mom) to her surprise birthday party. about 45 minutes before we were to leave, caleb had his accident. his uncle kent was pushing him "faster" on the tricycle. we do that all the time at home... caleb loves to go fast! it usually isn't a problem except that this time caleb decided to put both feet down on the ground mid ride. the pedals grabbed his shins and threw him over the tricycle which then tripped up uncle kent and they all crashed. caleb screamed ALOT! during the 30 minute scream fest there was no blood, no swelling, and no bruising... i honestly thought that he was being over dramatic. this was not the first time that he had cried that hard or that long. so we loved on him lots, but eventually we had to get going. after reaching the party (which i sadly have no pictures of) he stayed seated for an hour. well, anyone who knows our kids knows that they never sit still. something was wrong! we left the party early and headed to an urgent care facility for x-rays. the x-rays showed that he broke his tibia and fibula at shin hight. as a result he is in a full leg, non-walking cast for at least four weeks. needless to say, we are learning some tricks.
  • he wears only boxers so that his underwear will slide around his cast easily
  • we put a plastic stool in the bathtub, wrap up his leg and bath him with the shower head
  • we've borrowed a potty training potty so that he can potty by himself
  • we use the radio flyer wagon to tote riley and caleb places
  • i'm teaching caleb how to enjoy non-physical activities like play dough, coloring, bubbles, etc. he use to do these types of activities for five minutes... we are getting better
  • i wrote psalm 118:14 on his cast and we talk about it when he gets frustrated (just between us... i think that one is more for me than him! HA!)
i'm going to include one more picture to prove that although it may slow him down at times... the cast is not stopping him from anything.
i was in the kitchen when allie came walking through. i asked her where caleb was and she responded, "oh, he's just in the crib pretending to be a baby."
"in the crib?"
"no, how did he get in the crib?"
"oh, ha, he just climbed on in!"

and... in fact... he did! crazy kid!


  1. what a great verse...I'll be claiming that one, too, now! Thanks for your encouragement and for being an example of seeing the Lord and seeking the Lord in all things. Love you!

  2. I love that verse too! It sure looks like our Lord has given you strength, Mandy and Caleb as well. How on earth was he able to climb into Riley's crib?....never mind, I don't think I want to know.You are an awesome mother and are doing a great job. Love to all.

  3. wow! what an ordeal! he sure has been through alot! isn't it amazing what kids are capable of?!


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