Tuesday, August 18, 2009


summer camp 2009 is officially complete!

everyone always asks me what it is like at the end of a summer. it is a funny feeling because there are two extremes and no in between with this job. there is 90 miles an hour or turtle pace. we are, by the way, adjusting quite well to turtle pace (the kids especially), but we miss our staff tremendously. i am, however, glad that the kids have each other! there is just never a dull moment!

coolin' off in the pool!
teaching riley how to play with his new toy.... as if he needed help! Look at his face! i imagine he's thinking, "give me a break already! i'm not that dumb!"
three silly monkeys!


  1. Yay, another successful summer!! I hope you enjoy your time at turtle pace!

    I just love Allie's smile!

  2. We just LOVE cute, smiley monkeys....Grammie & Poppy have bananas ready and waiting....see you soon! Congrats on another great year at camp!

  3. so glad you guys will get some family time! it's such a let down in ways though huh? the kids are sooooo cute ;-)

  4. has anyone ever told you two how stinkin' adorable your kiddos are???
    So glad to know you all can relax a little now. As a counselor, I always went home after the last day of camp and slept for what seemed like days... hope you can too!


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