Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bless or bust!

we realized about four weeks ago that our older children were in desperate need of our undivided attention. we could keep pushing until camp was over and hope that our kids would bounce back or we could do something about the void in their hearts. thankfully, the Lord reminded us that we need bless our kids because he has blessed us with them. with that in mind, we set out to make this month exciting for them.

it started with taking them to chuckie cheese's for the first time ever!

they had a blast playing any game that was open. it wasn't until the end that they realized that the tickets got you prizes.... they worked hard to make 17 tickets each. that use to get you an eraser or something, but they had to settle for 4 tiny stickers and a sucker! they are so easily pleased!
we were also given the opportunity to go to Splash Kingdom free of charge!
this was the response to me saying, "allie, are you having fun?"

once they started sliding they couldn't stop!
we've spent alot of time at home and around tyler with them as well. i think that they are in a better place now. more than anything, we are grateful that the LORD is patient with us and that we chose to bless over bust!

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  1. yeah! It certainly looks like they enjoyed themselves. They're such sweet kiddos and we love and miss and Lance are loved and missed as well. We're counting the days until you arrive...seems like FOREVER since we've seen you.


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