Sunday, April 26, 2009

gone fishin'

lance and the kids went up to camp today to try fishing again! this time was much more fun... they each caught a fish!

this is allie using the pliers to "i can do it myself, daddy."

and when fishing gets old...

there is always fun to be had in the "mud bath!"


  1. oh too cute - love the one of them hugging! Also, so fun to see that Caleb is a celebrity in Tyler and GREAT pictures of you littlest stud (although I'm pretty sure my chunky monkey has him beat in the cheek and thigh department!!!) I'm thanking the Lord for blogs right now so I can see pictures of your kids and get updates often (when there's no time to talk on the phone)

  2. Poppy and I just checked out the mud fishing pictures after your phone call. They brought tears to our eyes. It looks like so much fun! We miss you all!

  3. Don't worry, children! In less than a month, you will get to experience a real Fish Face! Until then......stay in school and eat your vegetables.


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