Wednesday, April 29, 2009

calling all friends!

ok, folks... everybody knows that networking is a great way to get things done, right? so here it is...

first, we are currently praying for a mini van (for obvious reasons). and although allie would tell you that it needs to be pink, we would just appreciate a heads up if anyone knows of one for sale. we've been looking at the honda 05 or newer. we completely believe that the Lord will provide in this area and we are excited to see how he brings it about.

second, riley has had a hard two weeks of just being unsettled and fussy. through a process of elimination we've decided that my breast milk has almost NO fat in it. because of this, we are switching to formula. i've just spent a little time calling a bunch of formula companies for some samples, but i got to thinking... there are many mommies that have an amazing milk supply and do not need the sample cans that come in the mail. if you are one such mommy and would like to donate to the feed riley campaign, we'd love to get that stuff off your hands! HA!

there you have it... that is my version of networking for the family. happy wednesday!


  1. Tell Allie I know of one sure fire way to get a free PINK CAR or SUV! :)
    Also, I have had to supplement formula for Chaz as well and we use Good Start by Nestle. We have had no major issues besides a little bit of reflux. I have some cans of formula that were sent to me... I will email you and you can tell me which you would like...

  2. Hey, girl. I work in the newborn nursery and I float to lactation A LOT! Here's a good website just to have on hand....SO MUCH info on that site! Good luck w/everything.


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