Sunday, October 20, 2013

The state FAIR of TEXAS

a sweet friend on the marriage team gave our family tickets and coupons to the fair this year.  we normally wouldn't be able to pull that off, but as it was we all got in for free!!  

so we loaded up on the dart and headed for the fun (but not while also cheering for our favorite team.  wink.  wink).

the kids had only seen the pictures of big tex on fire so it was fun for them to see him and hear him in person!  "Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!"
-probably their highlight!

lance's highlight? 
the corn dogs.  
i thought that man might die without a corn dog from there.  
it was as big as griff's face.

the lion king was in town that weekend as well and they joined in on the parade allowing the kids to see some really amazing costumes!  
Love that musical!

after we had played silly games, eaten so much fried goodness, and watched some ostriches race... 
we ended up where we started...

and just took silly pics with TEX!! I even gave the camera away and let them snap a biz-zillion crazy, blurry pictures.  here are a few that turned out!

not to worry about lance and griff... they were off to find curly fries because they just couldn't get enough!! 

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