Monday, October 28, 2013

pumpkins, pumpkins, EVERYWHERE!!!

The arboretum in the fall is just too pretty for words.  I've always heard such great things, but this is my first time to see it all.  There isn't an inch of that place that isn't spectacular!

We tagged along with my friend Ashley and her girls.  Here is a pic of her big girls and my little boys.   We had a great time letting our kids be kids and visiting in between!

Riley was so grateful to go and keeps asking when we're going back.

this little guy was hard to snap a picture of because he was so busy moving from one thing to the next.  do you see the pumpkin garland wrapped around the tree?  wouldn't it be fun to do that in your own front yard?? dreaming, i know!

there was also free face painting.  the boys picked their own design.  i sent a pic to lance and he wondered why i didn't love them anymore.  ha!

they also enjoyed brushing and petting some animals

 we just could not have asked for a more fun way to spend a day! 


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