Sunday, October 13, 2013

behind the piney curtian

Lance had the opportunity to speak at the Towers at Pine Cove Camps -Back to where it all started for us.  This is the camp where lance and I met 13 years ago.  This swing is where we pushed campers when we were in college.  He got the opportunity to push his own daughter on it and it brought us "full circle" so to speak. 

Of course being there also gave us the chance to catch up with sooo many friends.  its never enough time to visit, but i'm so thankful that we can pick up where we left off  when we do get together.   Here are a few of our kids being wild in the rain...

after the weekend was over, we went fishing as a family.  it was really fun to see the kids enjoy it AND caleb man caught a pretty large fish!

Then we headed to Tyler State Park for one night of camping.  It was griff's first time... check out the excitement!

Through the generosity of an unkown person we were able to buy a three bedroom tent just perfect for a family of 6.  It almost didn't fit on the camp site... oops!

we went hiking three times in 24 hours...

They got to hang on branches....

 enjoy camp fires, smores,

and the occasional unwanted visitors

lance and i were excited to realize that we are entering into a new phase.  a phase where things like this are fun and not so draining.  but we also realized that it is bitter sweet because it means we are leaving baby stage behind and entering into new territory.... early elementary stage. 

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  1. I just can't say enough about FINALLY getting to see new pictures. It's been awhile but certainly worth the wait. Great to see everyone smiling and having a great time!


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