Sunday, June 9, 2013

soccer season

this was riley's first time to play a team sport.  it was a rough start, but he started having fun towards the end.

i love the small fry program through the ymca.  they practice three saturdays and then scrimmage three saturdays.  super chill, but still fun!

the coaches have them dribble the ball and then they shout out a body part.  the kids drop down and put that body part on the ball.  it's a cute game that gets them comfortable with the soccer ball.

he got in the habit of wanting daddy to throw him in the air anytime he made a goal. can you say high maintenance?

his biggest fans

riley... we are sooo proud that you tried something new!!

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  1. It certainly LOOKS like he had fun! I'm glad I got to see him in action on my last visit.Way to go, Riley! Good job!


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