Wednesday, June 12, 2013

end of another school year

my heart never knows how to respond to the end of a school year.  i'm thrilled to have my kids home.  i miss them when they are gone... i'm glad that they get use to being around one another again and i usually see some of the sweetest sibling moments... the schedule calms quite a bit... and we get to plan and execute some pretty fun activities!  however, it also comes with a sigh... they are older... another school year down means that i now have a 1st and 2nd grader... it's going by WAY too fast!!

Here are some fun moments of the last week for our kiddos...

allie's picnic at the local park...

complete with a bounce house

caleb's class had a pinic at the school which included spray bottles

and snow cones

then we had a few days of sickness come through our home and caleb missed the last two days of school.

but by 3:30 (and 24 hours of meds) on the last day of school he was ready for a party at our house

we had some friends over to get wet, eat snacks, and all together celebrate the goodness of summer

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  1. Yay! New Pictures! They're growing up really fast! Enjoy each other and the calmer schedule. I always loved the summertime with our boys too. Looks like you're all off to a good start....Have fun! Now I love summers because that means you get to come for a visit!!!


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