Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

The kids with LOTS of help from their wonderful daddy... 
 made this mother's day super special.

They woke me up with Starbucks coffee and tyler roses (all four kids were born in tyler)!  Allie and Caleb both had cute things that they had made at school for me.  I really do cherish those treasures!

after church, we headed to chicken scratch which is a fabulous resteraunt that we love.  the kids played on the playground and we ate outside.  it was a low key/stress free lunch!

later that evening, i layed on a blanket in the yard while the kids played.  it was super relaxing.

i'm so grateful for these four faces that have challenged me and help me grow.  they have loved me and hugged me and made me laugh sooo hard.  oh, how i love being a mommy!!

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