Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baptism Sunday

If i can give our church one compliment, it would be that they do big well.  my thought before we moved here was that there is no way that things could be done well or even truthfully when you get so big.  I was wrong... way wrong. 

Baptism Sunday is no different.  They do it well.  for those declaring their faith, the journey begins in advance with several steps that they walk through.  however, on the day of...they break everyone into small groups and have those getting baptized share their testimony.  You can walk anywhere on our campus and hear declarations of God's hand at work in His people.  Then it's a full morning of praising God for HIS goodness!

the kids really enjoy this day and even allie is showing intrest in getting baptized next year.  We told her we need to have more discussions about this in the future!
we're really grateful to serve at a church that puts TRUTH first and encourages all it's members to make a public display of their old self becoming new in Christ Jesus, our Savior!

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