Tuesday, April 23, 2013

open house

here are some of the fun things that found at open house for the big kids.... 

self portriat from the beginning of the year

some of allie's writing from her journal...

allie's cactus from art class

the music room was open and they got to show us some of their skills! 

caleb's lion from art class


  1. YAY! New pictures to love! Each one was like an adventure and I loved them all.

  2. Allie, I loved your writing and cactus picture. Caleb, you did a great job drawing yourself! I can definitely tell it is YOU! I also love the "cool" cat you drew. Riley, I love your haircut, smile and so glad you got to have a "special" day with Mom. Griffin, you're adorable and glad you "caught on" in time to hunt eggs! Mommy and Daddy, you're the best to keep fam & friends updated when we can't be around! Thank you for sharing the love!


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