Friday, September 21, 2012

margin for goofing off

so as our kiddos get older, things get busier.  which doesn't seem possible, but it's true.  mornings are more rushed with school.  the calendar is filled with more things to do.  homework needs to be done.  and before you know it the day is over and we haven't laughed together.  we haven't cut up and been silly. and truth be told, our kids are still LITTLE.... and there should be time for such things.

yesterday we went straight from school to sonic and hit up happy hour (thanks mcgee family).  everyone ordered whatever they wanted.  

then it was off to target... for nothing more than to check out the toy aisle. we talked about it before hand... it was just a looking trip.  and look we everything.  we had so much fun talking about all the cool stuff that was there.  

we didn't buy a thing, just had fun being together.  everyone left with HUGE smiles.  i was grateful for silly random fun. and i plan to leave more margin in our schedule for such moments!!


  1. love those smiles..need to know where the closest Sonic to my new home is...:)

  2. Fun times! Enjoy your times like these b/c the days and years go by so quickly. You're all adorable and I must's great seeing Riley enjoying the camera! Great smiles, Riles. Oh, and does Caleb still have a cast? (I'm gonna get that tongue, Caleb). Allie, looks like your new tooth is in! Such pretty girls. You both look amazing! Oh, and I love the polish, Allie!


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