Monday, May 4, 2009

what a weekend!

we had a really fun weekend with the kids. on friday night, after our failed attempt to eat pizza at the now closed deli in Sam's, we ate at McAlisters. Then we headed over to the mall to get caleb his very first REAL baseball cap. Lance won out and so bought him a cardinals hat. doesn't it look so cute on him! on saturday morning we took them to the park and then to wendy's for ice cream floats. these are pics of allie being prissy with her yummy drink! after church on sunday, allie, riley, and i went for a visit with my sister and her girls while caleb and daddy went to the rangers game. sparing you all the details of the game, i can sum it up best by saying that caleb now has his first signed baseball (Josh Fields), ate tons of game food (including a peanut with the shell still on), and thoroughly enjoyed riding the escalator as many times as his daddy could handle it
it is too bad that monday rolled around, but we are so grateful for some fun memories!


  1. You are so right - what a FUN weekend! You and Lance are so good and making Allie and Caleb feel so special. Love the sassy pictures (gives me hope that Anna may smile again for pictures one day!) Caleb looks pretty studly with his hat on backwards!

  2. What? How did he get that ball? We watched the whole game and looked closely for those two. What a fun weekend! Get it in while you can, summer is just around the corner!


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