Sunday, May 24, 2009


usually we talk about dedicating our babies, but that wasn't the case last week. as we have with our other two kiddos, we participated in baby dedications. however, it really is a parent dedication. we stood before our church family and dedicated ourselves to raising riley in a God centered home. we openly proclaimed that we will be the best example we can of living a life dedicated to the Lord. lance and i are hoping to live open handed with each of our kids and allow the Lord to use them in any capacity that He sees fit. CRAZY!! SCARY!!! but worth it. we want our kids to love jesus and it is our hope that we are living in a way that splashes the "living water" on them and everyone we are around. maybe, someday, they will want to soak in His goodness too!

sorry for the pics... they are dark and blurry... but at least we have some!


  1. This mother just can't find the words......I thank God for the great works He has done and continues to do in your lives. I am so thankful and proud of each of you. I love you and thank you for the pictures... to allow us to feel a part of this "dedication" time. Yep, L&M .......ole' Mom is shedding a tear or three. ;)

  2. how special danny did it too.


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