Thursday, May 14, 2009

the calm....

before the storm! (But it is a good storm).
only 2 more days of rest!

we just wanted to remind our friends and family that training week for our staff begins on Sunday afternoon. the following saturday everyone will arrive for orientation and then the summer is off to a start.

please pray join us in prayer for the following things:
1. the safety of over 900 staff as they begin to make their way to camp
2. the leadership of pine cove (lance included) as they head into the busiest season of the year
3. the hearts of all the families and children that will be here this summer
4. the protection of all our campers as they enjoy so many activities
5. that God would be completely glorified in any and every way that he sees fit!

prayer is SOOOOOO powerful. thank you in advance!

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