Wednesday, February 11, 2009

our little engineers!

they do NOT get this talent from their mommy. they kept asking me to help them build blocks yesterday morning... i didn't even know what to do. they take after dad in this area!


  1. enginer??? maybe engineer? Let's hope they get their spelling from their daddy too! HA - you know I LOVE YOU and already see AMAZING qualities in your children that came from you. Is it time to start eating Mexican and doing jumping jacks to get these babies to come????

  2. What talented and beautiful grandchildren we have been blessed with! Could it be because God blessed US with two AMAZING children, first??? Love you!

  3. I love their proud faces!!

    Thinking of you and Little Bit today!!!

  4. bhaahaha, ashley. thats funny. it doesnt come naturally to me either, mandy! cant wait to see ya!


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