Tuesday, February 17, 2009

baby number three!!!

well, we are down to two weeks or less! our other two kids came during my 38th week of pregnancy which officially begins tomorrow. if i happen to go till the 40th week, my doctor will induce me on tuesday, march 3rd!

cast your votes now and let us know who thinks boy and who thinks girl. we are getting very anxious to see what we are having, what he/she looks like, and how he/she changes the dynamics of our family!

allie says (almost everyday), "mommy, this baby is taking a LONG time to get here!"

i agree! HA!

we will be posting updates via facebook and this blog when i do go into labor so even our friends that are far away can participate in the fun!


  1. I vote GIRL! We wish you the best of luck and pray for a healthy baby and Mommy. I will check your blog for updates!

  2. I'm guessing that it's a boy! What a fun surprise it will be!

  3. I am also going with boy! But that's probably because I'm partial!!

    I love and miss you so much and I can't wait to hear!!

  4. Duh it's a boy. Hahaha, both names are great though and you've already got incredible children of both sexes, but I think it'll be a boy. That makes me laugh what Allie says, babies do take a long time. But down to 2 weeks...that's so exciting! Glad to hear there will be updates...i want to know everything. Haha, I'm a stalker. So excited!

  5. GIRL! I have nothing to go on, but just because, I say Girl! I check the blog daily to see if you have gone into labor! I hope you are feeling good, I have had braxton hicks SOOO BAD lately!
    You are a beautiful mom and I can't wait to see you holding your new little one! Keep those updates coming!

  6. I say both.
    Because you're having twins.

    Let it be known that I predicted it here, first.

    ...I say boy. Allie needs two little brothers.

  7. Avery Michelle, come on out to play!

  8. Before I'm too late to guess officially on your blog, I think it's a GIRL! Either way, I can't wait to meet Avery/Riley! YAY!!!


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