Monday, February 9, 2009

getting ready for the baby!!

yesterday i made two signs....

we'll see which one gets to hang on the hospital door!


  1. BEAUTIFUL NAMES! I'm sure you're getting so excited. I bet having the gender be a surprise will make for an awesome experience in delivery. Miss all of you!

  2. wow! seeing the names is getting me REALLY excited and anxious to meet our newest little sisco kid.

  3. You may not remember me-friend of the Smiths-but I had to comment-these are so cute! I am hoping for the pink...Avery is my little girl's name, and Michelle is my middle name! So funny!

  4. i'm so glad you did Lori! we are excited for our new little one. funny thing... my middle name is michelle too! we'll see???

  5. What a great idea! I may borrow it for my hospital room door! I am voting PINK! We shall see! Hope you are continuing to feel well! Miss you and thinking of you!

  6. oooo i can't wait to meet new baby Sisco!! :) so exciting.. thinkin of you guys!! :)


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