Friday, March 1, 2013

our littlest one... another year older!!

he's not so little anymore!  insert HUGE sad face here!!!

so this kid didn't love the attention quite so much.  the balloons and singing were too much for him and he was instantly wondering where his doughnut was.  ha!  

ahhh, there it is!!  yay!!

trying to blow that candle out

the eating part was NOT difficult!

 look how big he is!!!

the fourth kiddo gets so much help opening presents!

 we polished off the day with some sherbet since he can't have ice cream.  i think he liked it.  
what do you think?

 and after he went to bed, we all had pizookies in his honor!

happy birthday little, big man!!
let the adventure continue!!

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  1. Precious little guy, glad you enjoyed your birthday. Love you so much!


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