Monday, March 25, 2013

1/2 way through my 30s

i turned my bday into a weekend celebration and i don't feel bad about it a bit.  ;) 
after the fam left the lake house.  i had two friends (ashley and laura) join me for a scrapbook weekend.  we had so much fun catching up on our family photos that we didn't take any photos of ourselves!! 

here are a few pages i worked on:

the next morning, my family still "threw balloons" at me for my bday via face time. 

when i came home the next day, our flower beds were filled with beautiful flowers... don't know how my man managed all four kids and still pulled this off!  such a beautiful addition to the house.

we had a bday toast with green lemonade.  

and an A-mazing cake that my husband made himself!!

i mean, soooooooo good!!  chocolate peanut butter cake. 

lots of fun surprises....

allie made me a paper chain with 35 reasons why she loves me... it was the most thoughtful gift one of our kids has given me.  they were such cute reasons!  my favorite was, because "your so ause-some!"
lance gave me tickets to see wicked.... those pics will be posted shortly!  best. gift. ever!


  1. Yea! Such fun memories! I NEED the recipe to that cake. :)

  2. Sounds like you got your birthday covered well by all those cute little faces who love you soooo much! Lance...kudos! Keeping four kiddos occupied, busy & contained....well, lets just say I'm impressed. Overhauling flower beds is a beautiful gift & that cake looks delish. Allie, I love your thoughtful gift as well. Mandy, glad your birthday was celebrated with style! Grammie is feelin' so proud of all of you right now. ;)

  3. what a fun birthday!! good job lance :)


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