Tuesday, January 29, 2013

science museum

My super thoughtful friend, Kristen, offered us a free day at the science museum last week.  We replied with an emphatic YES and had such a good time. 

there are four levels and each level has a different focus.  there was a dinosaur level that didn't interest me but was riley's favorite thing.

he and his friends sat in a replica of a fossil

the energy level had lots of fun stations that the kids could do hands-on activities

even g got in on the action with his magnetic wands
on the basement level is an area for kids ages four and under.  this is where the kids went wild.  g dressed in construction gear and rolled blocks up a conveyor belt.

r enjoyed the water table for a long time

and both could be found driving the grocery truck most of the time
we had such a good time  and didn't even get to everything.  We also found out that you can get a family membership that will pay for itself in two trips.  good thing these two crazy boys have birthdays coming up!

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  1. kudos to your friend Kristen for giving you all a day at the museum. What a cool place! Boys were lovin' it!


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