Monday, January 21, 2013

around here

unfortunately, until i find that new routine that i was talking about in the previous post... all of my posts will be random and mostly pictures.  here's what has been happening around here-

 caleb got to go to chucky cheese for a friend's bday party

while i was there with him, griffin waited for me to come home.  so sad, but lance texted this pic and said that he really did wait for me there.

since christmas... legos, legos, 

and more legos.

happy faces going to school

i got to the dentist and the salon... BANGS!  oh, my! 

a couple of trips the park on the warmer days.  lance was given a hammock at his staff retreat and it has provided for lots of entertainment.

i finished the lego cake this weekend.

that sums up the last week! 


  1. Hey....I love all your posts. I'm just thankful when you share anything! These are just the sweetest pictures of everyone. (especially a "smiley Riley"...,yay!) I'll admit, the one of Grif is a little sad, but soooo priceless and sweet!Your lego cake is amazing and I don't for the life of me, know how you did it! Oh, and I love your new bangs and those blue eyes!!! love to all!


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