Thursday, November 1, 2012

SEVEN... yikes!

oh! my! word!
seven years ago today i had no idea what it looked like to be a parent.  i had no clue what life change was going to hit me over the head.  i didn't realize that i would not sleep through the night again or that changing my clothes would be an hourly event.  allie has taught me so much.  i haven't done it all right, but we've done it together.  i'm grateful for the LORD'S hand in our relationship!
i could stare in these eyes all day!  she is so big... so mature... so sweet... so strong... such a leader... such a a great big sis.... such a compassionate daughter... such a learner... such a beautiful daughter of the true KING!

we have our days of growing and learning, but overall - when I look at this pic - she's come so far.  what a jewel of a daughter we have.  i'm BLESSED to be allie's mommy!


  1. Great post! Oh my, I can still remember that sweet baby face like it was yesterday. Happy Birthday sweet Allie!

  2. I think she's always this size in my mind. Happy Birthday, Allie!


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