Monday, November 5, 2012

birthday festevities

we woke allie up with bday balloons and singing.  you had to know that at some point the pics of that experience could no longer be posted.  this year was it for our girl... she loved it, but she was SLEEPY!

we took this pic in front of olive garden (her choice for bday dinner).  do we look exhausted or what?  it was a long, sickly week around here!!

she did have fun opening her gifts at the restaurant.  The lord was faithful and i happened to find many things at the ccc sale this year that were on our kids' wish lists.  the first gift was a book set.

the second gift was several new outfits for her build a bear that she got from being in a wedding (thanks maddie!!)

the third gift was a set of fairies.  And the best part was that she got her favorite dish- shrimp fettuccine alfredo.

 we had her party on sunday.  

she wanted a tinker bell party so we made some no sew fairy skirts.

 refreshment for the fairies.

cake: chocolate with purple butter cream.

 cookie decorating station all set and ready to go.  the lights were daddy's idea.  super sweet touch!

we had four colors of icing and six types of sprinkles to decorate the butterfly cookies

 in full swing

 just as the girls were finishing up, the door bell rang and a note was found.  it was from tinker bell.

it led them on a scavenger hunt to find three things.  the hunt ended with a pinata in the front yard.  no pics because two adults were needed for the pinata event.

 then it was inside for cake and lemonade.

cute girls having fun

then it was back outside for another activity.

the girls got to put pixie dust on each other

the aftermath...

playing "tink says"

griffin got into the cake when no one was looking... oops

 the boys got to decorate some cookies too because they did such a good job being sweet to the girls and letting allie have some fun.


  1. OK, adorable...I need some tips!!! How did you make such beautifully colored frosting??? Looks like the birthday girl had such a special day. Way to go mommy!

  2. sure looks like a fun birthday party and the cake and decorations look awesome. Especially love the lights. (way to go, Dad)

  3. aw mandy, she's so adorable! it looks like such a fun special day!


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