Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Treasuring Two!

he's still the epitome of the Jekyll and hyde kid, 

but you're never at a loss for crazy!

he is in a tight running for the loudest voice in the fam.

and he gets the award for MOST ADVENTUROUS!

but man, he can steal your heart when he slows
down long enough to use that raspy voice 
to say something super-dooper sweet!

and he gives the best running start hugs!!


  1. he looks so big! and you found the robots :)

  2. This little guy is so bloomin' cute. I wish I lived closer so I could get to know what makes him tick (if that is even possible). He's your one kid that I can't figure out. He keeps me guessing all the time :] Love that lil' rascal so much! Thanks for the pics!


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