Tuesday, November 1, 2011

lance's birthday (oct 29th)

well, it's official, for the next six months... lance will be as old as me and the "i married an older woman" comments will cease.

no, but really, this past week we were able to celebrate the life of a GREAT GUY!
it began with him coaching an 8 am soccer game... man, how things change.  caleb scored 3 goals in honor of his dad's 33rd birthday (or so we like to say).

then, it was off to dallas.  the kids helped me make him a very special birthday cake...

the special part being the orange hidden inside.  go pokes!

and, as if there weren't enough good things for his special day... the cowboys went and spanked the baylor bears.  it's ok, i'll take one for the team... let the ridicule begin!  congrats cowboys and thanks for making my man's day!

that evening, my FABULOUS sister watched all four of our kiddos (plus her 2) so that we could see a movie and eat dinner out.  we watched money ball... great flick... go see it and ate at freebirds at 9:30 at night.  we felt YOUNG again... for three hours anyway!  :)
his birthday gift is coming soon.  he wants a bike and we are letting him combine birthday and Christmas together to pick out the one he wants at REI!

happy birthday, babe!  we love you!  we're proud of you!  and we couldn't ask for anything better in a man, a husband, and a father!  you are IT!!


  1. Happy Birthday Lance! So glad you guys got to celebrate together. The Freebirds picture is making me hungry...that cake is amazing...we are frequently testing out bikes (and other stuff) at REI! Glad it was a good birthday for ya!

  2. Amazing cake, Mandy! So glad you got to celebrate together and I know the kiddos were in good hands with Aunt Jenny. Many more Happy Birthdays, Lance.


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