Wednesday, July 1, 2009

surprise visit

my sweet friend ashley stopped in for a visit today! she got to meet riley for the first time!
and i got to see her sweet hudson walk and talk and be SUPER CUTE!
we laughed as we took this pic... remember when pics use to be you at your best.... well, i'll admit that i haven't showered, have greasy hair, and yes, that is spit up on my shoulder! i know you're all jealous!
look at our big kids! can you believe that they all sat still for a picture? thanks for the fun visit ashley! i know it was a sacrifice and probably had hudson off his routine all day, but we loved seeing you both!


  1. Umm, can I say jealous? I'm thrilled that the two of you got together - really! But you know me, I HATE to miss anything. What a great picture of all the kiddos.

  2. It's so good to see Ashley and Hudson. He's adorable and I bet the kids had a great time together. I'm glad you got to have a special visit with your friend.


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