Sunday, July 5, 2009

some of my favorite products....

i love my hot sling! if you are in need of both your hands during the day than i recommend getting one of these. i'm excited for him to have enough head / back control to sit on my hip with it! today i was able to wash dishes, sweep the floor, and take the other kids potty thanks to this thing! (by the way: pic courtesy of allie!)

my friend, Bri, convinced me to buy this thing and we've already used it plenty. this is a picnic blanket that zips closed, has a carrying strap, and is machine washable. we use ours at least once a week. you can find them at bed, bath, and beyond for $20! we keep this one in the car and pull it out for everything!

ok, i don't know if i buy the acai berry craze, but i will say that this drink has kept my family well during the busiest season. caleb had a head cold last week and it cleared up quickly after drinking this juice for a day. i'm just saying.... usually, during the summer, our family is sick quite frequently and we've had a relatively healthy summer! yeah for vitamins and minerals!

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  1. i'll have to try the acai berry thing! results!!! you'll totally appreciate the video on my blog right now!! xoxo


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