Wednesday, June 10, 2009

time flies

when you're having fun!!! This summer is moving so fast. i can not believe how bad i have been at keeping everyone updated on life. here is a list of updates:

our staff are doing a terrific job of loving on kiddos and keeping them safe!

our nanny, christa, is making life so much more enjoyable while daddy is busy. we are blessed to have her!

lance is just beginning to get some much needed down time. we've gone on two dates recently and he is out with the two older kids right now. if he has been bad at calling... forgive him! he's tired!

i'm loving teaching a weekly bible study and enjoy the time with our girl staff. the summer is wild, but so rewarding! we are done with swim lessons.... what a fun process to watch!

allie has become a great little swimmer. we go swimming four to five times a week and she loves to show EVERYONE her new skills!

caleb is in his two year old phase... an angel one moment and NOT the next! HA. right now he has a new spiky hair cut and black eye which both contribute to his "bad kid" look! he's swimming too - you can see his "push the water back" arms in this pic.

here is a pic of the kids cheering on their friend maggie while she practiced! SOOO CUTE!

Riley is still fabulous! he eats five times a day, takes two great naps, and sleeps through the night! we could not ask for a better baby!

i had to throw in this pic... it wraps up how all of us are feeling! we work hard all day and then fall into our beds!

please continue to pray for PC and the work the Lord is doing here! our love to everyone!


  1. Man that is so great how they are swimming! Did you enroll them into any special swimming classes? I am dying for Ayden and Luke to swim on their own.

  2. a friend offered to teach them... she use to do it in highschool. the cried the first two days and didn't want to go, but by day three they were swimming and loving it!

  3. that's crazy awesome! i actually found myself "holding my breath" for them but loving the pics at the same time. thanks for the update....def gives grammie a boost. they all are adorable and i miss y'all so much!

  4. they look so happy at swim lessons! im glad to see they ended well! cant wait to see the new skills. give em all a hug and kiss from, including christa!! :)


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