Sunday, June 28, 2009

Four months already!?

Riley is talking, wiggling, laughing, and slobbering. i imagine that he'll have a tooth by next month. his hair fell out on the sides, but just this morning i noticed that it is coming back in. he is 15 pounds and 25.5 inches long. he has his brother and sister beat in height at this age. we witnessed him roll over one time from back to front, but not again since then.

it is hard to believe that this little boy (who was just a thought in my round belly a few months ago) is this bright eyed, smiley kid! he's even too big for his bed now. i guess that means he can't sleep in the kitchen anymore AND he'll have to share a room with his bro.... i wonder how that will go?

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  1. he is sooo cute! i can't believe he's 4 months either!!!! and such a big guy! just like my finn ;-)


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