Saturday, August 23, 2008

recent pictures

hey friends! well, camp is over and we've pretty much checked out of anything that isn't centered around family time. we took the kids to the water park and a small movie theater... they loved those two days. and lance has been working on a big girl bed for allie. it looks amazing and i'll post pics soon. allie keeps telling her daddy to get back in there and work on it. HA!

our second half nanny, amanda, took lots of pics of the kids the last two weeks of camp and i thought i would share them. amanda gets all the credit and is even in several of them (thanks girl!)

we love you all and hope to play catch up on all our relationships now that camp is officially over!


  1. Hope you're resting lots. I like the new look of the blog - mine needs some work! Happy Anniversary to you two tomorrow! Let's plan a Canton date when things cool off!

  2. i mean cute are those kids! xoxo

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww! I have the cutest grandkids EVER! The pics are adorable and I'm glad to hear that you've had some quality "family" time together since camp ended. You deserve it! I'm counting the days until Poppy and I get to see ya'll.

  4. ooh my gosh! the kids look so much older from even just the month ago or so that i saw them! sweet pics, amanda!


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