Tuesday, August 5, 2008

get away to dallas!

pine cove gave lance and i an amazing present. they gave us an all expenses paid one night get away to dallas. that may not seem like a big deal to some, but to those that know summer camp... you get it!! it was wonderful!

the excitement began right away with lance finally finding a wii for sale at a best buy in rockwall. we rushed straight there, gift cards in hand, ran in and got the next to last one! he has been waiting for months to get this!

we then checked into our hotel and promptly headed to the galleria where upon finding one of my ultimate favorites... antie anne's pretzels!!! i shared a little with lance!

we shopped till the mall closed and then headed to dinner at papadeux seafood restaurant. we stuffed ourselves silly having an appetizer, salad, and an entree! yummy!
since we closed the mall and the restaurant down.... we were exhausted and choose the time below to roll out of bed and begin our day. this was probably my favorite part of the trip!

continuing with the "we don't have kids and can do anything we want to" mentality, we went to breakfast at 11! if you've never heard of the original house of pancakes... i think my plate says it all! delicious!
we spent the rest of the day touring ikea and getting ideas for fitting three kids and two adults in the space the Lord has given us. However, we ended the day at the cheesecake factory for an early dinner!
we threw ourselves into the car... fat and happy. this is what the backseat looked like as we drove away. it was so fun to use all the gift cards that we had been storing up!
however, all good things must come to an end and rather than ending with falling into our beds... it ended with an engine that would not start! that is a different story, but here is a picture of our car being towed!
i would like to add that the Lord always knows best... because of the timing of this unforeseen and unwanted circumstance - our warranty (which will expire in just a few hundred miles) covered every penny!


  1. Yay for eating, shopping and "sleeping in"! :)

  2. What a thoughtful gift you were given! I'm so thankful that you got "blessed" and were able to have a get-away day. Mandy, your blogging was so good that I felt like I was right there watching as your car was towed off. :o( ... Oh, and I can just taste the pretzel! Good job.


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