Saturday, February 2, 2008

fun in the big D

this week lance was recruiting in dallas and the kids and i decided that we'd go there too. on tuesday night we drove to terrell and met up with my sister and her kids. we ate at cici's pizza and let the kids run the game room until they were about to drop. after getting back to jenni's (my sister) house we let all four kids take a bath together.... caleb was not real thrilled with that idea, but allie had a blast. (no pics of all that fun... sorry)

the next morning, we drive to DBU and got to see daddy for a little over an hour. we were really glad to be back together - if only for awhile. the kids ran everywhere and squeeled in the lobby of a dorm.... sorry to all those college students... after all, it was 9 in the morning.

that afternoon we went to my friend, Ashley's house, for an extended (two day) play date with her daughter, Anna. we went to a play area in the mall (see pics), target, and mcdonalds (details on this event are not for the faint of heart... i'll skip that one) to get the kids out and about. the temp was so low and the wind was so high that going outdoors was out of the question! we had a great time with them and i pray everyday that God would move our families closer together!


  1. Oh, come on! I want DETAILS on the trip to Mcdonalds - don't worry, I spared you in my blog!

  2. Whaaaaat? Is that my sweet grandson sticking out his tongue?


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