Saturday, November 30, 2013

A quiet Thanksgiving

Now my parents might completely disagree with the title of this post.  However, since moving to the booming city almost 2 years ago, we find that being on my parent's pecan orchard is slow, quiet, and wonderful!  I'm sure they feel like things get amped up when we visit, but we think things S L O W down and all is right with the world!

This was the first trip in ages that we didn't make a single stop... sign of an older family?

the boys busied themselves with stick forts

and my mom and I busied ourselves in the kitchen.  the salted caramel pecan pie from taste of home is worth the extra effort and so so good!!  the only thing i will change in the future is the full pecans on top.  it looks pretty, but i like crushed pecans in my pie!

and speaking of pie... lance and I got to kiss our month of clean eating good bye.  we did it for a month and thought we could pause for the holidays...we look for it to return soon

my brother's beautiful girls joined us thanksgiving day

along with my precious mrs. fann.  she is like another grandma to me... i'm so grateful that she was able to come and i got to hug her neck.

the next day my dad took us out to an open field to shoot off rockets. 

the kids had a blast shooting them off

and then chasing them down in the gator! 

 it was a sweet few days!!  thanks for an amazing time mom and dad.  we're a noisy bunch, but we sure love being there!

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