Monday, July 8, 2013

the rest of cancun...

lance and i really enjoyed our flight over.  lots of time together and good reading.  the best part... it was quiet!  ahh!  this was the first pic i grabbed upon getting to the resort!  the service was really excellent!

our first day out and about after almost 12 hours of sleep.  vacations have certainly become different since having kids.  ha!!

post wedding pic, but a fave!

a series of fun pics with miss taylor

 and miss blake (love both these girls SOOOO much)!!

one day we ventured into mexico and got to see real life there... honestly, it made me sad.  i wished we could spend some time talking with these people.  this was life... the resort was not.

 the barrels of water on top of houses was a good reminder of the things we take for granted in the US.

fun pic of my sweet man sitting during our tour of chichen itza... sadly, almost the whole wedding party got sick.  boo cancun!!

the chichen itza ruins were really amazing.  we are so use to immediate results.  it must have taken years of labor to produce these structures.  i can even put my mind around the time this took!

we made sure to get a few pics in front of this because one of our kids' favorite shows is backyardigans and they have an episode called chichen itza pizza.

this was the "sports arena."  see the small hole on the side of the walls?  that is the hoop that they had to get a ball through using a racquet.  the captain of the losing team was beheaded.  i'd say it looks a little different for our athletes today.

loved seeing the thatched roves.

these little guys were everywhere.

this was the sink hole at chichen itza... the entire civilization was built around this.

luckily we swam in THIS sink hole and not the one above...

it was crystal clear and super cold.  i truly unique memory

oh, and we got to meet these guys.  yikes!

we made some really fun memories.  although we were sick a majority of the time, i'm so glad for the experiences!!


  1. Love it! I like those yellow shorts, those sweet pics of you and Lance, the beautiful swimming hole, the pics of you with the nieces..and I think I may have just bought a hat today that is identical to the one you are wearing. So sorry for the sickness....but you would have never known from looking at the pics. Ya'll look great together!

  2. Wow! Great pictures! You guys look AMAZING!


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