Wednesday, May 16, 2012

quick wedding weekend

this past weekend our family had the privilege of joining another staffer on her wedding day.  Maddie Bolin (now Maddie Quick) worked for lance for four summers and has been our adopted forge student this past year.  we had the opportunity to do premarital counseling with her and her hubby, Stephen.  lance officiated the wedding and all three of the big kids were in the wedding as well!

here is a run down of our wild weekend.
the wedding was in Salado so, of course, we stopped at common grounds in Waco for a fun drink.  this one is my absolute FAV!  coconut, lime, and Italian soda - soooo good!

i have no rehearsal pics because riley was a little bit of a handful.  let's just say that he threw down what he was suppose to carry down the aisle and refused to do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G he was asked.  sigh.

however the next day we hit the pool while daddy prepared for the ceremony
ummm... they were freezing! but kept assuring me that it wasn't cold.

but i used it as a great opportunity for snuggles

and lots of pictures!  L O V E this precious face!

when the kids finally agreed that it was indeed cold... they resorted to searching for bottle caps in the flowerbeds... the boys collect them and now have plenty of "BLs" to add to their stockpile.

we really had a great time and i enjoyed just laughing with my kids (it's been too long)!

caught caleb laughing at riley... they kept saying he was "too much!" and they were right!!  he is so silly!

after a quick nap to ensure good moods, it was off to the wedding!
here are my big boys getting ready for their walk. the bride got them those lunch boxes and filled them with toys and snacks to keep them entertained during the ceremony.  allie got that cute build-a-bear bride.

i snapped a quick pic of the wedding party praying just before the ceremony.

this was maddie dancing while the girls chanting maddie bolin over and over again... last time, ya know?

allie and the other flower girl, reece.  they became best friends instantly!

ok... seriously beautiful women!!!  L O V E these ranch girls!

the boys playing with their new toys after the ceremony while pictures were happening.

after the ceremony the wedding party rode on a trailer to the reception.  the kids got to go too and had so much fun!  sweet jon was positioned to catch riley if he fell.  thanks jon!

too much fun!

we got a really great pic of all the ranch staff at the wedding just after the happy couple left.  i'll try to post it later when it starts getting around on facebook!

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  1. These pictures are so fun! Kids all look great, the bride is beautiful,and Ranch staffers are amazing. (great idea for lunch box toys & bear bride. But seriously, Mandy....where's the GROOM and you and Lance???


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