Sunday, December 2, 2007

a day of rest?

well, this sunday can not qualify as a day of rest (although i am currently the only awake in the house).

caleb is feeling better today. he has no fever and is eating really well. i think that being sick has set him back w/ his walking. for those that didn't know - caleb began walking on wednesday. however, today he is really shaky. we're hoping that by tomorrow he'll have his full strength back.

the real fun of this restless day came in the form of his big sister allie and all before 9am. while i was cleaning up breakfast, allie (who can now open any and all doors in our house) went into the bathroom and ate almost 1/4 of her toothpaste. while i was calling poison control and daddy was dealing w/ caleb, she pushed a stool up to the counter and got out a steak knife. upon grabbing the knife, she went into her typical squeal and tantrum. After calming down, we all went into the play room to play together. at some point caleb had an explosive diaper that lance and i were trying to conquer together. we soon realized that allie was gone and it was far too quiet. she had pushed the stool back to the counter and was licking the medicine bottle that i left out and open in the kitchen.

needless to say she was disciplined. oh my.... we have reached a whole new level of trouble. please pray for lance and i as we reexamine the safety of our home and learn to train allie the difference b/t safe and dangerous.

man, i'm tired... and we are only two years in??? hee,hee... thank you Lord for the energy for everyday. He never gives us more than we can handle.

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  1. I'm so thankful Caleb is feeling better and that Allie didn't hurt herself. Hang in there you're great parents. Just keep prayin' for God's wisdom, protection and strength. Kids are sooooooo quick and God is sooooooo good!!! (Just for the record, I wasn't perfect either......Allie and Caleb's daddy drank motor oil when he was two.)Keep on loving and teaching. They'll be grown before you know it. Love to all.


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