Friday, October 26, 2007

goodness, grace, and LOTS of patience

i just thought that i'd share a little of my heart tonight. the lord has been sooo good to me. the majority of our family has been sick for almost a month... if it isn't one thing, it is another. this and many other factors sent me into a tailspin of selfpity. the largest of those factors being the behavior of both kids. allie is about to turn two (you can imagine the tantrums) and caleb is reaching a new level of opinions along with independence.

one morning in frustrated prayer, i asked the lord to show me just a tiny bit of change in my children...any thing that would show me that they were improving... growth! i so clearly heard him tell me that he was not growing them right now - he was growing me! after i caught my breath from such a radical thought, i smiled. it is in perserverance that people grow... without it we'd be the same.... so i press on with a grin, knowing that God, in his infinite wisdom is showering me with goodness, grace, and HOPEFULLY lots of patience.

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